You don’t have to be a botanist with a photographic memory to identify dangerous plants that bear foreboding berries. Sure, it helps to learn the attributes that make poisonous plants stick out from other lush vegetation. However, by following a few easy to spot signs, you can avoid the suffering that comes with eating poisonous plants.

Here or a few signs to consider:

  • Discolored plant sap
  • Berries bear spines or thorns
  • Bitter taste
  • Dill or parsnip looking foliage
  • Berries found inside of pods
  • Three-leaved growth pattern
  • Leaves and woody part of plant delivers an almond scent

Most toxic plants display more than one of the warning signs to give you a better idea on which plants to avoid. When in doubt, you’re better off safe than sorry by searching for a familiar berry bearing plant that provides the sustenance you need on the trail.