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The vegetation still is one of the most important water collecting methods because there is almost always vegetation available, even after a disaster. Whereas you may not be able to access your emergency supplies, as long as you can find vegetation, and the sun is shining or a fire can be built, you can collect purified water.

As mentioned, vegetation can be used to collect condensation. However, you can also collect water from vegetation directly into a bag when all you have is the sun. First, find a branch with plenty of leaves. Second, tie a plastic bag around a section of tree branch and leaves, ensuring the mouth of the bag is tightly closed.

Place the bag and branch in the sun. The bag should be down so that the condensation created by the sun heating the air in the bag drips to the bottom of the bag. You can set up multiple vegetation stills to ensure there is an adequate water supply. It is also possible to tie the bag directly onto a branch with leaves without removing the branch.

It should be pointed out that poisonous vegetation should never be used as a source of water. Fortunately, most plants are not poisonous, but when in doubt, use extreme caution.

A sweat bag still uses the same principle, except that is can extract drinkable water from vegetation, contaminated water, a container of mud, or a container of urine.

A plastic bag is set on the ground and clean stones are placed in the bottom of the bag. Vegetation, mud or urine is then placed in the bag on top of the stones. A stick is used to prop the bag up and the bag opening is tied off. Place the bag directly in the sun, and the water from the vegetation, or whatever else you place in the bag, evaporates and condenses in the bottom.