Mental Rehearsal for Combating Stress, Tunnel Vision, & the Shakes

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Chances are good that you will get an adrenaline dump during a violent encounter or immediately afterwards and possibly before the police arrive. This is a VERY vulnerable time and you must stay switched on. In fact, Muslim armies have taken a page from Sun Tzu’s tactics and have allowed their enemies false victories since the 7th century. In short, they know that there is a psychological letdown after a violent encounter from the medicine cabinet of hormones and brain chemicals that are released when someone thinks they’ve escaped death and won.

It’s not uncommon for fighters to have a hard time staying awake in this state and many armies have purposely caused this effect by sacrificing small forces against enemy forces simply to get their enemy into this lulled state. Once their enemy’s brains have started releasing their postfight chemicals and hormones, the armies attack with their main force. It’s smart and brutally effective as proven by a 1300+ year use of it.

If you find yourself in a lethal force encounter, regardless of whether your attacker listened to you or you had to subdue them in one way or another, you need to be aware of this and stay alert and aware so that you don’t slip into the vulnerable post-fight state too soon.

When you’re practicing mental rehearsal, carry the scenario out in your mind until law enforcement arrives, you’re a safe distance away, additional attackers attack, or friendly backup arrives.