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Disaster preparedness is always a first line of defense against natural weather disasters like tornadoes, so be sure that you are ready for a tornado if it hits. This advice is particularly essential if you live in areas that are hit by tornadoes every year.

First, be aware that strong tornadoes have the capability of knocking out your power and electricity for a few days. Counteract this possibility by preparing for it by procuring supplies that will last until your utilities are restored.

You will probably want more supplies than a 72-hour emergency kit can offer, but these are a great starting point to ensure you are prepared. Additionally, if you have a family, take the time to educate everyone on where you will be taking shelter in the event of an impending tornado. You will also want to purchase some padding materials that can be used as a buffer in your designated shelter room. This will give you an added layer of defense between you and the tornado.

If you are not at home when a tornado strikes, you will have to prepare in an impromptu fashion. This entails having good situational awareness so you can quickly scan an area to find shelter or a bathroom that might be available for safety purposes.

If you live in a community setting, such as a trailer park or apartment community, be sure to educate yourself on the evacuation drills. You will have informational resources available to you that instruct you on the proper safety protocols when a tornado is coming.