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For those that want a real challenge, I recommend the fire plow. This is an extremely simple method that will test the stamina of your arms. While much easier to create than either the pump drill or the bow drill, it is much harder to use.

To prepare the fire plow, you’ll need both a spindle and a fire board. Instead of cutting a notch in the edge of the fire board, cut a straight groove down the middle of it. Set the board so that the near end is supported above the ground and the far end is on the ground, right at your tinder nest. Take the spindle in your hand and start rubbing it up and down the groove as fast and hard as you can.

The rubbing of the spindle in the groove will accomplish the same thing as turning it in the surface of the wood, although not as fast or easily as you can with either of the drills. You should gradually form embers that will fall into your tinder. Blow on these, so that your fire will start.