Don’t feel pressured to spend a couple thousand dollars on a custom system. Ideal conditions are nice, but most hydroponic gardeners either have a couple plastic tubs they leave outside most of the year or a converted sunroom or porch where they grow a few plants for their own pleasure Remember, setting up your hydroponic garden isn’t a race. You can start small and build on your successes.

Plants take time to grow. While they grow larger and faster hydroponically, they don’t go from seed to harvest overnight. Pay attention to what works in your specific indoor environment and work with it instead of against it. Hydroponic gardens are best for people who have access to a steady supply of electricity. If that electricity is solar, don’t stress about needing to shut down your systems after dark. Your plants will survive.

The same is true for wind power. The wind has to be completely still for a day or two before you really have to worry about getting your plants outside and into natural light. Don’t let an emergency situation talk you out of hydroponic gardening. If things are tough, hydroponic gardening could be just what you need for a sustainable source of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices all winter long.