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Shooting at night has additional requirements to ensure the safety of the shooter and anyone and anything in the area.

Rule #1: Be sure to clearly identify what you’re shooting.

Before taking a shot, make sure to check the body of the animal first. If you see a pair of eyes, don’t shoot until you’ve determined what it is.

Rule #2: Establish clear lines of fire.

Be sure to determine boundaries and do not cross them. You can check out the area in broad daylight beforehand so you can familiarize yourself.

Rule #3: Use the appropriate firearms and ammunition.

Check local regulations for the list of approved firearms and ammunition.

Rule #4: Wear the appropriate equipment.

Always wear protective gear before shooting. Take extra precaution if you’re wearing night vision equipment since you will not be that visible to others compared to if you’re carrying a lamp.

Rule #5: Do not split into groups.

Splitting into groups raises the risk of you and members of your party shooting each other. In addition, always be on the lookout for other people that happen to be in the area.