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Having the right stance and grip is just as important as the gun type for any situation that involves shooting. To prepare you for any situation and to improve accuracy, keep in mind the correct stance and grip.


  1. Stand with your feet parallel to your shoulders. If you’re not comfortable, try moving your feet further apart.
  2. Slide your gun foot about six inches to the back.
  3. Lean forward slightly and bend your knees. In the correct angle, you should be able to withstand a slight push without falling backward. This will allow your body to absorb the gun’s recoil.
  4. Practice a few more times for muscle memory.


  1. Hold the gun with your gun hand. Your hand should be positioned as high as possible on the backstrap. However, be sure that your hand will not be “bitten” by the slide when it comes back.
  2. Using three fingers and your thumb, grip the gun. Keep your index finger along the frame and away from the trigger.