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When preparing to buy a shotgun, the hunter must consider several factors. Barrel type, action, chokes, and bore size are all variables which affect the success of a hunt. Long barrels provide a longer sighting plane which can improve accuracy. However, it doesn’t necessarily translate into greater range. A wide variety of shells are available for both long and shorter barrels which allow them to perform similarly. Barrel length often comes down simply to the preference of feel. Shotguns usually have hinge action.

Other options are the less dependable but more dramatic pump and semi-automatic. The choke of a shotgun determines how quickly the shot spreads once it clears the barrel. Choke is affected by the amount of constriction at the end of the barrel.

From wide to narrow, the types of choke are cylinder, skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved-modified, and full. It is often possible to install a screw-in choke to your weapon if you are not satisfied with its performance, so choke may not be your top consideration. Bore size indicates the number of pellets your shotgun can fire. Larger bores mean more pellets and denser shot patterns. They also mean better chances to kill at long range. Of course, all of these variables can be discussed with the experts at your local gun shop. They will help you choose the right gun for your game.