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Bore Cleaning

Bore cleaning may be one of the most labor-intensive steps in gun maintenance, but neglecting to do this step can negatively affect performance and cause damage to the gun.

What you’ll need: Bore Brush, Cleaning Rod, Solvent, Patch Holder, Patches, Gun Oil/Lubricant


  1. Rub the inside of your bore with some solvent, then leave it for a few minutes
  2. Scrub the bore of the barrel by pushing the brush back and forth. Add more solvent as needed.
  3. Remove the bore brush and attach a patch holder to the cleaning rod. 4. Attach a patch to the patch holder and run it through the barrel.
  4. Replace the patch after the first swab. Repeat step 4 until the patch becomes relatively clean.
  5. Shine a light through the bore to check if there is still anything stuck to the interior. If there is, continue cleaning using the brush and solvent.


Follow the same procedure in cleaning the bore of semi-autos, but be sure to brush and patch all chambers of the revolver