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You Don't Have To Be An Expert Marksman To Drop An
Assailant With 1 Shot... Even In The Dark...

Fellow Gun Enthusiast,

I’m Jason Mathers, a fellow firearms fan and regular contributor to, where I often review handguns and weapon devices.
Recently, the L.A. Times reported there were 1.2 million violent crimes in the U.S., including murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Or, to put another way, 1.2 million scenarios in which there was potential for someone to kill in self-defense.
No wonder my readers frequently ask me, “What’s the best handgun to keep in my home or to carry for self-protection?
My answer may surprise you. And it really pisses off gun manufacturers.
I tell my readers it’s less about the gun itself than it is about shooting with deadly ACCURACY! The truth is – when it comes to defending yourself in a life-threatening situation your gun is only as good as the targeting and illumination devices you’ve added to it.

Let me explain…

Okay, it’s the middle of the night. You’re awakened by a noise in the house. You jump out of bed and grab that pistol you bought just for this critical moment. What you do next can make the difference between life and death. Do you turn on a lightDo you call out? Do you fire a warning shot? Or just shoot at the shadowy figure in your living room and hope you hit your mark?

Very bad ideas. All of them.

Turning on a light, calling out or firing a warning shot is another way of saying to the criminal, “here I am… take your best shot.” And good luck hitting that shadowy figure in the dark. It should come as no surprise the U.S. Department of Justice estimates the average gun owner is 2.7 times more likely to kill a family member than a stranger in their home.
It’s simple really. You’ve got to see the intruder without being seen! And you must hit your target with your first shot because there’s a good chance it’s your ONLY shot.

I can tell you this with absolute conviction – when you mount a Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight combination to your handgun, you have a real life-saving edge over your adversary.

Here’s why…

No Marksman Is 100% Accurate

To achieve Sharpshooter status in the NRA Pistol Ranking, you must hit at least 85% bullseyes. Wow. Certainly better than I’ll ever shoot. But keep in mind, that’s taking careful aim at a fixed target in a firing range.

I wonder how many sharpshooters would have scored a bullseye in that dark movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

Or the chaotic terrorist attack in that nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Or inside a pitch black home in the middle of the night.
Even in a well-lit danger scenario, hitting your target isn’t easy – just ask a professional.
In his definitive self-defense guide, 30 Day Sharpshooter, former CIA agent Jason Hanson, reminds us that in a real world shoot-out, it takes special training to remain calm, confident and accurate. And when your life is in danger, it’s all about accuracy.

Gun manufacturers love to tell you their pistols have been designed for precision targeting. Maybe so. But you’ll notice that many top brand guns and pistols come with an ACCESSORY RAIL, because gun makers know full well you need special equipment to ensure clear sight and consistent, lethal accuracy.

The combination of laser and illuminating devices on handguns are proven winners, beating optical, iron sights and hand-held flashlights every time. Your Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight is accurate whether you’re standing, crouching or lying in bed. With this deadly combo mounted on a handgun, even beginners with no formal training can aim and fire accurately in the light of day or the dark of night.

Accuracy At The Speed Of Light

You could spend 10 hours a day, 7 days a week at the firing range and still not come close to the kind of consistent accuracy you get when a Strongür “Close Quarters” laser green dot indicator appears on your target at the speed of light. And when it’s dark, the searing built-in LED Strongür “Close Quarters” weapon light can temporarily blind a perpetrator while you take aim on a well-lit target.
It’s the perfect life-saving combination.


The World's Most Advanced Tactical Sub-Compact Laser
Dot Sight With LED Flashlight For Pistol/Handgun/Airsoft

Lightweight, compact optics laser sight with ultra-bright green dot laser (NOTE: Leading scientists agree the green dot appears five times brighter and easier to see than a red laser dot, especially in low-light).

Small size LED light source flashlight, with the extra power of 100 lumens for superb brightness.

Right or left-handed on/off switch

Easy sight-in with wind and elevation adjustments

Fit all with 20mm rails (adjusted ) of Pistol/Handgun/Airgun

Power support: 3x 1/3N or 1x 11340 rechargeable battery (included) with charger adapter

There's A Reason Some Law Enforcement
Officers Use Their Own Money For Mounted
Laser Sights And Weapon Lights

As a gun expert and writer, I spend a lot of time speaking with law enforcement officers and keeping up with the kind of weapons and devices they use.


Some police departments around the country are now issuing tactical sighting and illuminating devices, but most ban regular patrol officers from using them, especially laser sights because civilians find these devices so intimidating. That should tell you a lot.


The opposite is true of SWAT teams. Advanced weaponry sets SWAT team officers apart from regular patrol officers. Most cities provide their SWAT teams with advanced devices, including mounted laser sights with tactical flashlights. Makes sense. These guys are sent into the most dangerous crime scenes where accuracy is absolutely critical. I’ve been told that some SWAT team officers even use their own money to buy laser sights and weapon lights.

Here’s something interesting – a police officer told me that even the most aggressive criminals often become instantly compliant when they see the green laser dot appear on their chests. Who can blame them?


In my opinion, that’s reason enough for you to think seriously about mounting a Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight to your handgun. Sooner the better.

Every Crime Victim Says The Same Thing
"I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me"

Legendary NFL football coach, George Allen, famously quipped, “Winning can be defined as the science of being prepared.”

I urge you to take a moment to imagine what it’s like to wake up from a deep sleep and discover an intruder in your home. Or to find yourself in the midst of a terror attack in a restaurant, nightclub or shopping center. Feel your heart pounding, your mouth go dry and your palms sweating. Imagine what it’s like to know that survival depends on one, clear, accurate shot… so perfectly aimed it instantly disables the assailant.
Are you prepared for that moment when you must act decisively, with the utmost precision to protect yourself, your family, perhaps many others?
Imagine being ready before the unimaginable happens. What’s it worth for peace of mind? And imagine how confident you’ll feel when you reach for your handgun knowing you have the proven scientific advantage of a Strongür “Close Quarters” sight and light system on your side.
In my expert opinion, no handgun used for protection is fully equipped without the Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight combo.

Here’s why…


Enhances your ability to defend the things most important to you – your family, home, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens

Just by illuminating and targeting your adversary, you can defuse a potential deadly encounter

Allows you to get a clear picture and engage a threat far better than an iron sight

Built-in flashlight beats a hand-held light because it frees your hand for a steady, more reliable two-handed grip

When you light your target, you're far less likely to shoot someone who is not a threat


Almost all self-defense experts will tell you that a laser sight is more accurate than an optic or iron sight, especially in the turmoil of a deadly encounter

A laser sight lets you target your adversary whatever your position is – standing, crouching, behind cover, flat on your belly or lying down

Laser sights prevent tunnel vision and help you identify your assailant more quickly

Laser sights give you instant visual feedback on targeting errors so you can "self-correct"


There's no question that the bright green dot will give you the added confidence to shoot straight, whether you're a beginner or an expert marksman

During a crisis, the Strongür "Close Quarters" combo will give you a clear picture of the attack scenario and increase your focus and concentration

Added confidence will reduce your tendency to hesitate when micro-seconds can mean the difference between life and death

Even with poor eyesight or aging eyes, this combo provides you the sighting aids you need to target and shoot with more self-assurance

The Experts Agree...

In nighttime situations, a bright light will easily disorient any intruders. The green laser allows me to focus on the target, since in a high-stress situation I want to make things as easy as possible for myself.


~Chris Cheng
History Channel’s Top Shot Champion

The use of laser targeting devices on defensive handguns is a proven method of augmenting traditional sights, either optical or iron.

~Cameron Hopkins
NRA/The American Rifleman

You need to identify the target and confirm if it is a threat, and that requires light. In addition, light can be a discouraging influence to potential assailants and may forestall the need to use deadly force; but if deadly force is deemed necessary, light aids in applying it.

~Richard Mann
NRA/The American Rifleman

There’s no question that a gun laser sight is the best choice for improving your accuracy, improving your guns performance and protecting your family…

but lets face it…

Gun lasers can be expensive..

They range anywhere from $80 – $250, some for even more than that…

But we want you to have a chance to try the the Strongür “Close Quarters” sight and light system…

That’s why for today only….

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Okay, What's The Catch?

I don’t blame you for being skeptical. This is an amazing deal. But there’s a good reason for the huge savings.

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The makers of Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight are happy to give a major discount on a small supply of this product to a limited number of lucky gun owners because they know it’s the best way to launch an exciting new product.
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You have nothing to lose. This offer comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your Strongür “Close Quarters” sight and light combo – if you don’t think this device can save your life in a moment of crisis – if you don’t truly believe the Strongür “Close Quarters” is a valuable investment in your family’s safety, just send it back for a complete refund. 
No questions asked.

I want you to understand how these special promotions work. They only set aside a small number of these devices at this incredibly low price. Once the promotional supply is gone, they pull the offer off the internet. That’s it. 

If you leave this page without ordering, don’t be surprised at all if it’s not here when you try to come back. I know you want the Strongür “Close Quarters” at this special price, so don’t hesitate. And remember, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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Strongür "Close Quarters" Handgun
Laser Sight and Flashlight


Over / Under Laser + Flashlight Configuration

"Fumble Free" Ergononic Three-way Switch

180 Lumen Flashlight

532nm Wavelength Laser

Ambidextrous On / Off Switch


30 Day Sharp Shooter Course on how to get the confidence to shoot with absolute accuracy when your life depends on it!

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WARNING: Old Technology Can Get You Killed

I review weapons devices for a living. Here’s something very crucial I’ve learned over the years. When it comes to weaponry, new technology can make a significant difference when you find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

Many of the sighting and lighting devices still on the market depend on outdated technology. Whatever you do, make the right life-saving choice.
The Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight combination relies on the latest, proven, state-of-the-art laser optic and LED technology. Don’t be fooled by cheaper products or old brands with old science. Your life and the lives of your family depends on your decision.
All the best,
Jason Mathers 
P.S. Important reminder… In my job I meet a lot of crime victims. Let me assure you that just wishing you had a Strongür “Close Quarters” Laser Sight and Flashlight mounted to your handgun won’t do you any good during a deadly encounter. Remember, winning can be defined as the science of being prepared. Don’t put this off.
P.P.S. FYI – just spoke to my friends at Strongür “Close Quarters”. As it turns out, this promotion is so successful there are only a handful of devices left at this special discount price. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave this page without ordering. Family Protection Association Chairman

Copyright – American Gun Association


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