ATTENTION: Do you want a gun that will NEVER be taken away and NEVER run out of ammo?

We Made Lewis & Clark's Favorite Rifle 1500X Better And Now You Can Get It Without A Permit, Completely Unregistered

This New .22 Caliber Military Grade Air Rifle
Fires At Over 800 FPS With A Single Pump!

Watch This AMAZING Demo...

I Need To Make Something VERY Clear...

This Is NO Toy... It's Powerful!

It EASILY Takes Out Birds, Rabbits, Squirrels
And Even A Wild Boar With A Single Shot!

Fellow Patriots, I love a .22!

In fact, I believe there is no weapon more important for survival than a reliable .22 rifle. The .22 has been the standard for hunting small game, target practice and even personal protection for over 150 years, but with the .22 ammo shortage, most .22’s have become as worthless as a doorstop.

Lewis & Clark Knew How To Survive
Without Gun Powder

Did you realize that the gun that blazed the trails with Lewis & Clark used no gun powder and no bullets?

Did you know it was an air rifle? Well, it was!
But this wasn’t your average “Daisy BB gun.”
In fact here is what it looked like…

According to historians, the Girandoni rifle was not only Lewis & Clark’s go-to weapon of choice but also the official rifle of the Austrian army from 1780 to 1815.

These famous explorers knew when they struck out to explore the frontier that they wouldn’t be able to stop by Bud’s Gun Shop and pick up gunpowder along the way. And they had to constantly deal with wet powder, and long load times…
When they were in the wild, faced with apex predators and Indian attacks, they did not have time to hesitate… they needed a rifle that would fire… every time.
So they found a rifle they could use to hunt for food, kill pests and snakes, and even defend themselves, that couldn’t be heard more than a few feet away.
The rifle had these huge advantages and more…
They didn’t need gun powder and shell casings, and if the entire ammo stash got wet… so what! The pellets would still fire.
This was a revolutionary weapon… but it wasn’t without its setbacks…
Back then the Girandoni would only fire at about 500 FPS and that firepower shrank with each additional shot.
But the biggest drawback was the pumping. Filling the air canister required 1500 pumps. And this was only good for 30 shots at best. And the air canisters had about a 30% failure rate from the factory!
So, once ammo was plentiful… the air rifle kind of faded into history, except for the spring-action, low-power toys we had as kids…
Fast forward 200 years and the Girandoni is back!

One Quick Pump Fires This .22 Rifle At Over
800 Feet Per Second MUCH More Accurately
Than Any Rim Fire .22

The Girandoni Beats ANY Remington,
Winchester, or Ruger in Accuracy... EVERY Time

Any marksman will tell you that air rifles like the Girandoni are MUCH more accurate than the standard .22 Remington, and here’s why:
Ordinary .22s are “rimfire” weapons. The firing pin strikes and crushes the rim of the cartridge base to ignite the primer. So, where the hammer strikes the rim can drastically change the accuracy of your shot…. And you have little to no control over that…
But, thanks to the amazing engineering involved in the manufacturing of this precision rifle, the air is exactly the same EVERY shot.
Once you get zeroed in on the shot it stays there. PERIOD!

Girandoni Ammo Costs 95% Less
Than Ordinary Rifles

.22 ammo is expensive… if you can even get it at all! But the Girandoni is the cheapest gun to own on the PLANET.
And with Girandoni Ammo costing just $0.003 per round, you can shoot as much as you want!
Target practice, hunting, or self defense… training with this weapon will cost you a FRACTION of what it would cost with a normal rifle.

This Is A GREAT First Rifle For Any Young Outdoorsman

Kids LOVE this rifle, and it can really help turn them into marksmen. But like I said before this is NOT a toy and should only be used by children under adult supervision.
Look at these TEENS in competition:

8 Big Reasons
You Are Going To LOVE This Rifle

It's legal almost EVERYWHERE, so you can shoot pop cans in your backyard, even in a subdivision.

It's powerful, so you can hunt small game like birds, rabbits and squirrels, or get rid of varmints like moles, rats and raccoons.

It's rugged, so you can keep it in the garage, the back of the truck or in a tool shed, and if the kids drag it in the mud... who cares.

It's accurate, so you usually won't have to shoot twice, unless you are cockeyed like me 🙂

It's FUN to shoot, so you and the kids or grandkids will ALWAYS have something to do.

It's cheap to shoot at only .003 cents per round, there is no other weapon that is such a value.

You can get it without a background check or registration in almost all 50 states, even California*.

It's built to last and has a hell of a story behind it that you can share with your friends.

What Happens To Ammo If The SHTF?

Well, if you hadn’t noticed… it already HAS.
Have you tried to buy ammo recently?
Even if you DO manage to find it, the price gouging that goes on makes it nearly unaffordable!
With Obama and the Left currently losing the battle to take away our guns, they have turned their attention to limiting ammo production and BANNING imports of ammo to civilians.
Hey look, I’m trying to sell you a rifle here, but the fact is you NEED this weapon because without ammo your other weapons are worthless. And, in a survival situation firing off a standard rifle WILL attract all kinds of attention you don’t want or need… (remember the Walking Dead).
The fact is, if you don’t like this rifle I’ll buy it back from you at FULL price for up to 30 days after you bought it. You’ll get back EXACTLY what you paid for it. How is that for putting my money where my mouth is!?

What Makes This Rifle So Great!

It's light and easy to carry, weighing in at just 7.2 lbs, so even ladies and kids can handle it with ease.

It's compact, with a total length of just inches from end to end. This baby fits almost anywhere.

It's made of real STEEL and the stock is waterproof 550 Krayton Polymer, so you can dump this baby in the swamp and it will still fire EVERY TIME.

Its sights are EXCEPTIONAL! You can zero in on any target in seconds.

It's QUIET and can be fired almost anywhere 100% unnoticed and can be used in metro situations where firing your ordinary .22 could land you in jail.

It's VERY safe for young marksmen, with a thumb button safety and single shot action.

It's performance guaranteed from any normal wear and tear for 5 years. If it breaks we'll simply give you a new one. So easy, right!

Get Your Girandoni Right Now for
50% Off Plus FREE Shipping

Now, I’ve seen some people selling Air Rifles like these for prices ranging from $600 to all the way up to a WHOPPING $1200, which is frankly a little ridiculous if you ask me!

When we release the Girandoni to the general public the MSRP will be $399 and it’s worth every penny.
Hell in a real crisis it’ll be worth 1000x more!
But you’re different. You’ve proven that you want to do everything in your power to protect your family… and I want to help.
I want EVERYONE to have one of these amazing rifles, for one reason and one reason only…
I believe that NO ONE should ever be left defenseless… and I don’t want finances to get in the way…
It is your right and it is your responsibility to be able to provide for and defend yourself and your family!
You see, I’ve managed to convince the manufacturer to make a small batch of these rifles that I’ve set aside… Just for you.
Remember, these normally sell for $399… (or more).
But, right now, you can pick up your very own “Girandoni” that will be at your side without fail, for only $149.95, and I’ll even pay the shipping!
But you absolutely need to act now, there are only a few of these rifles available and they WILL NOT last long.
You need to order NOW!

What Are You Waiting For? You're Covered
By My 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I am so sure that you will love this rifle that I am personally backing it up with a 100% money back guarantee.

In other words, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you don’t think this air rifle is worth every penny, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous full refund.
No loop holes and no questions asked.

Now… I know that some people may try to take advantage of this… But if I can keep even ONE person from becoming another victim… then it’s all worth it.

Your final rock bottom price for everything on this page is just, $149.95!
YES! To get the Girandoni Air Rifle for just $149.95 simply click on the Green Button NOW.

The bottom line is, with the way society is headed, owning an Air Rifle is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and provide for your family, no matter where you live or what you do for a living.

And not having it is simply irresponsible.
They failed in their gun ban, now they are working on hoarding all of the ammo…
I for one like to have options… and this is your chance to open yours to an entire new train of thought.
I hope you make the right decision.
I have had the privilege of helping hundreds become more prepared throughout the last few years and I would be ecstatic to be able to help you as well…
But I can only do so much.
It’s up to you to take action.
The choice is yours… make the right one.

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